Teaching Citizenship in the 5-14 Curriculum using
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Citizenship Issues
in Harry Potter



Human Rights

Legal Issues


Links and References

What is Citizenship?

Some definitions


Why teach Citizenship?

Citizenship is one of Scotland's five National Priorities in Education

"Values and Citizenship: to work with parents to teach pupils respect for self and one another and their interdependence with other members of their neighbourhood and society and to teach them the duties and responsibilities of citizenship in a democratic society"


Why use films to teach Citizenship?

The British Film Institute says that:

"Films are a great source of enjoyment for many of us; they can also give us insights into the world beyond our direct experience and can inspire us, shock us or make us rethink our assumptions about the world. As such they are potentially an invaluable resource to use with young people to develop their awareness and understanding in order for them to become active thinking participants in society."

BFI: The World In the Movies

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